Janine Maral

Janine Maral is lifestyle photographer and culture writer. When Janine’s not writing, she’s planning her next trip, listening to a podcast, or making guacamole.

Stef Sanjati

The State of Brand-Funded Video Content

Join Branded Content Leader David Beebe and Creator, Director, and Trans Activist Stef Sanjati for an intimate fireside chat about the state of brand-funded content, the value of long-term partnershi…

Nothing Works, by Jack Conte

Nothing Works by Jack Conte

Hard work pays off and dreams come true, but not always the way we think they should. In the end, what we hope to happen is rarely aligned with what actually happens. In “Nothing Works” Jack Conte, C…


Earning Revenue on YouTube Beyond AdSense

As YouTube’s director of product management, Rohit Dhawan leads the team responsible for helping creators to build their businesses as they build their brands. Creators are both artists AND entrepren…


Gearing Up For Buffer Festival 2019

Buffer Festival is back and we’re ready to reveal some secrets for 2019. This will be our 7th annual year curating and celebrating video premieres from today's acclaimed digital creators. Since ou…