Buffer Festival Announces Multi-Year Partnership With FAN EXPO Canada.

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Hello Buffer Community.

Today we are very happy to announce that we have signed a multi-year deal to host Buffer Festival alongside FAN EXPO Canada.

While we understand that the world has bigger and much more important priorities right now, we wanted to share what this means for Buffer Festival going forward, and to put some dates and information out there for when we come out of this.

FAN EXPO Canada is one of North America’s largest fan events and takes place in Toronto every year towards the end of the summer. As of right now, Buffer Festival will be taking place during FAN EXPO at the John Bassett Theatre, August 27th-30th, 2020. (More info on the dates below)

What will change?

From a Festival standpoint, not much. As previously, Buffer Festival will run for 4 days with 6 screening categories featuring the best of online Creators and their never before seen premieres. We will have red carpet meet-ups and an Awards Gala to close the weekend.

What does change is the size, scope, and scale of the Festival. This partnership allows Buffer Festival the opportunity to provide some additional programming we have always wanted to. Inside FAN EXPO, Buffer Festival will be setting up 10,000 square feet of Creator awesomeness, including; Creator talks, inspiring Keynotes, Merchandise, live performances, podcasts, and a host of other special events and experiential activities.

Insider Information: We have always wanted to do a concert and a live comedy night. Now we can.

The Great Unknown

For now, we are scheduled for August 27th- 30th and are working hard with that date in mind, but our first priority is ensuring that we provide a safe, rewarding, and inspiring experience for creators, artists, and fans. We are working on contingencies should that August date not be reasonable. Buffer may be a little different this year and we may have to make some adjustments as we get closer. We don’t know yet what specific changes we might need to make (and that’s ok), but we are prepared to make them.

August is a long way away and we will keep everyone updated with information as we get it.

Tickets will be announced and available soon and you can check out the FAN EXPO Canada X Buffer Festival page for more details here

Some Thank Yous

This is a big deal for us at Buffer and we wanted to take a second to thank some groups that brought us here.

To the Creators, who take the time every year to make something special, bring it to Buffer, and meet with fans. Thank you. (and as a reward for reading this far down, some Creators have already come through and confirmed for 2020… click here to see the list of confirmed Creators).

To the fans that come out every year, support us, and appreciate what we are doing. Thank you.

To our staff and volunteers who give us hours and hours of their time and energy without asking for much in return. Thank you.

Finally, to our partners, without whom, there is no Buffer Festival. Thank you. Please take the time to click their links. They believe in Buffer, support Creators, and make this wheel go round.

We will have plenty of announcements as things become more clear and we can’t wait to see all of you at a bigger, better, Buffer Festival.