"I've been singing as long as I have had a memory" - Nick Pitera


Nick Pitera is a singer, talented in singing in various different ranges, but he is also a skilled animator. While he successfully pursued both passions in two career streams, both require high levels of creativity.

We asked Nick how he discovered his passion for animation and singing, and how he balances both careers.

When did you realize you had a skill for singing

I’ve been singing as long as I have had a memory. I just kept with it, singing in as many different ranges as I can.

Why did you decide to pursue studying animation?

I grew up with two passions. Watching Disney films and being completely inspired by everything about it, as I five year old I knew I wanted to work in animations but I also liked to sing. So when it came to deciding, I counted music out because I sing so “out of the box.” When I was a kid, YouTube was not a thing yet. There wasn’t another option for music rather than the traditional music mainstream route. I didn’t know how that was feasible for me personally. 

How did you build your channel around music?

YouTube for me was a bit of an accident. One of my videos went viral while the platform was still new but I noticed there was an audience and a place for me to do this on. That was the jumping point from there where I was able to resurrect the dream to pursue music.

How do you balance your “day” job with your YouTube channel? 

It’s a creative balance for me to do visuals then singing. I work through nights and weekends to get content prepped and ready to go.

Your day to day requires a lot of creative juices to flow. How do you consistently fuel that creativity?

I’m very lucky that the work I do is very creative based but two very different parts of creativity. It’s about finding the energy in that two keep going.

How do you find the creativity influences your city living?

Even though I end up being a bit of a homebody a lot, it’s just knowing that you are in thick of the city for producing videos it gives us options for places to go and shoot in different locations. California has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes.

Watch Nick’s Buffer Festival premiere, presented in the music screening in 2018.

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