Featuring: The Receipt


The Receipt is a choreographed live-action animation short film by Tim Hautekiet that premiered at Buffer Festival 2018.

The Receipt is a romance story about a waiter chasing a receipt across town after it gets caught in the wind with the phone number from a ‘cute’ customer. And it is all told through dance.

“The idea has been in my mind for so long and usually that means the actual result doesn’t live up to it but in many ways the actual project has exceeded what I thought we’d be able to do,” says Hautekiet.

The film is a collaboration with Ava Gordy who choreographed the dance and Leigh Lahav who contributed the animations. Both Gordy and Lahav are creators on YouTube themselves and offer talents unique to themselves and their channels: Gordy being a dancer and Lahav an animator. This played a little part for Hautekiet however as he says he acclaimed both their skills in telling stories with their own flair.

“I have admired both Ava and Leigh’s work and I knew they were both great creative storytellers. I wasn’t looking for an animator in Leigh or a choreographer in Ava,” says Hautekiet. “I wanted collaborators who’d put their own stamp on the short and work with me to shape it from the ground up, and they both did amazing work.”

Gordy explains her involvement with the film started a year ago when it was only being discussed as an idea.

“When [the filming] starts actually happening you’re like OMG finally!” says Gordy. “It’s so great to finally see it and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. I might cry. I’m not even in it, I just choreographed it.”

The dancers in the film are Gordy’s friends in dance. “I used an entire cast of people who were not involved with YouTube at all. It was very fun to do and it was kind of fascinating to see my friends like ‘This is a YouTube shoot?!’ and it was a very legitimate shoot with a ton of space and actual people.”

The film was possible through crowdfunding with IndieGoGo last year. “I explained that this is a project I’ve wanted to make for a long time but haven’t had a chance to. I didn’t give much else away [to the audience] beyond the fact that it was a live action/animation hybrid,” says Hautekiet. “I hoped people would be curious enough to donate based on that and what I’ve done before.”

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