Buffer Festival Wraps Up With a Celebration of the Most Acclaimed Content by Today's YouTube Stars

2018_09_30 - BufferFest - Awards Gala - Leslie Seto - 050

With the 2018 Awards Gala, the Festival proves once again to be an essential curator of top-tier international digital filmmakers.

Toronto, ON (October 1st, 2018) — As Buffer Festival 2018 comes to its conclusion, it is evident that the Festival has cemented its place in the digital space as a unique forum of innovation, creativity and talent. Promoting YouTube creators who dare to push boundaries and to challenge what is achievable on the YouTube platform has been a key part of the Festival’s mission since its inception in 2012. This year, Buffer Festival delivered an engaging selection of short films that showcase the vast evolution that digital content has gone through. Sunday night’s Buffer Festival Awards Gala served as a perfect bookend to reward creators that were able to explore new avenues to make their stories resonate with the public while achieving technical excellence in production.

Over the last four days, audiences in Toronto were inspired and entertained by YouTube shorts that covered a wide range of issues, from exposing social injustices around the world to exploring personal narratives that dissected themes revolving around intimacy and vulnerability. A common thread in all these films is authenticity, and it’s thrilling to see how each YouTube creator got to share their story in masterfully produced material. In a room crowded with digital innovators and industry leaders, Buffer Festival’s Awards Gala recognized the films that dare to strive for excellence, encouraging new and upcoming creators to take their skills to the next level while creating content that remains meaningful and sincere.

The 2018 Buffer Festival Awards Winners are:

ANNA AKANA for “dolor” – Excellence in Production presented by LaCie.

WHITNEY AVALON for “Don’t Be A…” – Excellence in Comedy presented by CBC.

WHITNEY AVALON for “Don’t Be A…” – Excellence in Sound, Score, or Music presented by Epidemic Sound.

LOUIS COLE for “Beyond Borders (Chapter 1)” – Festival Honour presented by Buffer Festival.

SWOOP for “Lost in Darkness” – Excellence in Cinematography presented by MAG-Z.

JON COZART for “Coming Out” – Excellence in Writing presented by Fasken.

ZACH RAMELAN for “Blinders” – Canadian Excellence Award presented by Encore+.

ADRIAN BLISS for “Finding Yourself with Adrian Bliss” – Excellence in Performance presented by Henry’s.

SURA MALLOUH for “Sedra” – Excellence in Inspiration presented by YouTube.

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