Buffer Festival 2020 Cancelled. For Now.


Hi Buffer Festival community,

This year was shaping up to be a big one as we expanded the Festival’s reach and scope with the FAN EXPO Canada Partnership. Obviously, things did not work out as planned, and with the Covid-19 epidemic continuing to keep heavy restrictions in place, it is clear that we will not be able to host the Festival as planned in August. We are officially announcing the cancellation of Buffer Festival 2020.

Not all is lost though, we are working on a few things that will pass the time until we can all get together again.

Time to tackle some (anticipated) FAQ’s

Will Buffer be back?  Absolutely. 

When will Buffer be back?  First chance we can get clearance to go ahead. If things go really well, we’d like to bring Buffer to more cities next year with our partners at FAN EXPO.

Will there be a Virtual Buffer? Nah. Buffer really is an “in-person”, “in theatre” celebration and shared experience. We had a lot of conversations about this and we found it hard to re-invent the Festival digitally. However…

Will Buffer do something?  Yes. We are planning to do one big Buffer Festival live stream. The live stream will feature video premieres, some musical performances, creator drop-ins, comedy bits, etc. We’re going to make it entirely free with an optional “pay what you can” model, with all the proceeds, including sponsorship, going into the Buffer Foundation Fund (More details to come on this soon). This is tentatively scheduled for mid to late September

We are sad we will not get to share what is always a special weekend with our Community, Creators and Industry partners but we are committed supporting elevated content and will use this time to find more ways to do so.

Thank you.

– Buffer Festival Team